May – 2016 Awareness and Screening programmes

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01.05.2016 Awareness Dindugal – Vasavi Club


28, 29, 30.05.2016 Screening Camp ACE Trust, Peravoorani, Thanjavur Dt.

Lymphoedema for Post-operative Cancer Breast Patients

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Lymphoedema – as a secondary condition  in post operative breast cancer patients, resulting due to the removal / excision of the lymph nodes in the axilla (armpit) on the corresponding side of the breast. Lymphoedema doesn’t occur in all patients immediately after surgery, it can be witnessed during chemo, RT, or even 5-15 years after treatment. Patient think of Lymphoedema only as a disease in hand which increases in girth but these people have to be educated in a better way to know, that it is only a secondary / after effect of cancer breast.
Lymphedema can be managed with following steps
1. Using full hand sleeve in the day time.
2. Using night Bandaging daily in the night time.
3. Exercises is daily at equal intervals.
4. Lymphoedema manual drainage therapy according to the necessity.
5. Lympha press therapy (Machine treatment) according to the necessity.
According to the no.of nodal excision and the measurement of the girth the treatment module is designed tailor-made for every individual. This is 100% safe and without side effect as nothing is given internally.

1. No pins / needles / injection to the affected hand.
2. No heat / burns / bruises / mosquito bites on that hand.
3. No tight Garment, watches, rings, bracelets..etc on that hand.
4. No BP, cuff,   diabetic puncture to that hand.
5. Do not lift weight or even carry bags / baby with that hand.
6. Do not keep your hand hanging for long time.
These are some ways to be followed to avoid complicating, worsening your Lymph-Oedematous hand.

Conditions which will worsen Lymphoedema
Hand Message, Oil Message
Crepe bandage / tight bandaging
Hot fermentation / heat treatment


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It was started as a once a week initiative in 2011. Gradually, yoga therapy at Penn Nalam is now being offered daily with yoga teachers, who work with dedication and zeal in time with the objectives of Penn Nalam.
Uniqueness of yoga therapy model offered at Penn Nalam is that, yoga therapy consultant makes comprehensive assessment of the individual and designs the therapeutic approach. This is taught by the yoga teacher in a ONE TEACHER ONE STUDENT environment.
Beneficiaries of yoga therapy at Penn Nalam can be broadly classified as

  • Persons who come for screening
  • Persons undergoing Chemotherapy
  • Post surgical management

To enable a cogent understanding between staff of Penn Nalam and yoga therapy team, a workshop was conducted by Dr. Latha sathish elaborately dealing with psychological aspects to be addressed.
Apart from in house activity, yoga teachers also accompany Penn Nalam team in the awareness camps conducted periodically.

Screening camp at Penn Nalam

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To mark National Women’s Health Week, Indian Medical Association, Equitas Development Initiative Trust along with Penn Nalam held a cancer screening camp on May 26 at Abhinav Palace, Jeth Nagar, Mandaveli. Raja Rajeswaran, IMA, Natana Rajan, Honorary Secretary, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Sathyanarayanan, Deputy General Manager, Social Initiatives, Equitas, took part…

All about cancer!

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“The Best  Defence against Cancer-  Early detection”

finding a cancer early before it has spreadgives you the best chance to do something about it. Knowing about these cancers and how they can be prevented or found early can save your life!

Countries across the world are experiencing transitions in disease occurrences with a rapid increase in chronic and incurable diseases. India is also experiencing the change with 63% of all deaths contributed by the non-communicable diseases (NCD). Cancer ranks second in the NCD’s list! India is expected to share nearly 25-30% of world cancer incidences and deaths in the coming years! For many of us, the disease bears a mysterious connotation, and is considered fatal and one of the most horrifying diseases, which not only affects the physical body, but also causes severe emotional turbulence for the sufferer and for the respective kith and kin. It has been a direct and unconquerable threat to the human existence for the longest time ever. Cancer has become an important Public Health Problem with over 800,000 new cases occurring every year, and is one of the ten leading causes of death in India. At any point of time, it is estimated that there are nearly 2.5 million cases in the country with nearly 400,000 deaths occurring due to insufficient /inappropriate /delayed diagnosis and/ or treatment. Ignorance and affordability factor amongst both literate and illiterate have killed many, according to survey results. Most of us are not aware that cancer can be cured completely, if detected early.Cancer registries have also highlighted that more than 80% of cancer in females occur in the age group of 35-64, and 3.5% to 4.5% in childhood, thereby suggesting the impact of cancer as a major public health problem in the most productive age group. The options that are left with the common man with the present life style regarding cancer . • Be alert to any new symptoms that arise due to major problems, and seek immediate medical attention for an early diagnosis. (or) • Go for regular screening programs to prevent further advancement of cancer.