Making best-in-class cancer treatment affordable to masses is one of our key goals. We strive to enrol well-experienced doctors and the latest medical technologies to offer comprehensive cancer treatment at reduced costs. Our cancer treatment facilities include:


A single test is often insufficient to accurately diagnose cancer. We examine a patient’s history thoroughly before administering a series of diagnostic tests because at times another condition may mimic the symptoms of cancer. We are equipped to conduct diagnostic procedures such as imaging, ultra sound mammogram, laboratory tests, tumour biopsy, pap smear and colposcopy.


Surgery is the oldest method of cancer treatment, and offers the best chances to stop certain types of cancer from spreading. Our Cancer Care Center has experienced surgeons to perform curative, preventing, palliative and debunking cancer surgeries.


Chemotherapy is the use of anti-cancer drugs for cancer treatment. We administer chemotherapy in different forms, depending on the cancer’s status and the patient’s health condition. Currently, we administer chemotherapy treatment to cancer affected women at our Day Care Centre. Surgery and radiation therapy patients are taken to other hospitals that
help us by offering treatments at lower costs against protocols.


Radiation therapy or radiotherapy uses special kinds of energy waves to fight cancer depending on the type and location of the cancer. Our radiotherapy methods include internal radiation, external radiation, 3D conformal radiation, Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), and radiosurgery.


Penn Nalam is a non-profit, end-to-end women’s cancer care provider. We aim to save lives of women from cancer through timely detection and treatment. Our services range from creating awareness and educating women on cancer, organizing mass screening programmes, delivering world-class and cost-effective cancer treatment, and caring for their overall well-being and health.