Lymphoedema for Post-operative Cancer Breast Patients

Lymphoedema for Post-operative Cancer Breast Patients

Lymphoedema – as a secondary condition  in post operative breast cancer patients, resulting due to the removal / excision of the lymph nodes in the axilla (armpit) on the corresponding side of the breast. Lymphoedema doesn’t occur in all patients immediately after surgery, it can be witnessed during chemo, RT, or even 5-15 years after treatment. Patient think of Lymphoedema only as a disease in hand which increases in girth but these people have to be educated in a better way to know, that it is only a secondary / after effect of cancer breast.

Lymphedema can be managed with following steps

  1. Using full hand sleeve in the day time.
  2. Using night Bandaging daily in the night time.
  3. Exercises is daily at equal intervals.
  4. Lymphoedema manual drainage therapy according to the necessity.
  5. Lympha press therapy (Machine treatment) according to the necessity.

According to the no.of nodal excision and the measurement of the girth the treatment module is designed tailor-made for every individual. This is 100% safe and without side effect as nothing is given internally.


  1. No pins / needles / injection to the affected hand.
  2. No heat / burns / bruises / mosquito bites on that hand.
  3. No tight Garment, watches, rings, bracelets..etc on that hand.
  4. No BP, cuff,   diabetic puncture to that hand.
  5. Do not lift weight or even carry bags / baby with that hand.
  6. Do not keep your hand hanging for long time.

These are some ways to be followed to avoid complicating, worsening your Lymph-Oedematous hand.

  • Conditions which will worsen Lymphoedema
  • Hand Message, Oil Message
  • Crepe bandage / tight bandaging
  • Hot fermentation / heat treatment